With six years of experience in the UK importing, marketing, and selling pipe and insulation from China as part of our solar water heating system package, we are pleased to be able to continue to offer a high quality products at a greatly reduced cost to our buyers if they already import solar water heating collectors from any number of the 1,000 manufactures located across China.

Located in Shanghai means we are in the centre of the gold triangle of business, from Ningbo, to Hangzhou to Nanjing down to Jaixing, where 400 solar water heating manufactures compete.


  • Pipe-only coils from 10-50 metres
  • Pipe insulated with PE or EDPM insulation tube
  • Pipe with choice of pattern or smooth polyethylene (PE/UV ) protection
  • Available in pre-insulated single or twin coils up to 25 metre lengths
  • Exported directly to you or through your Chinese solar water heating manufacture or consolidated shipper
  • A fully explained, English written instruction manual with pictures will be provided at the time of ordering
  • Our coils of single or twin insulated pipes come shrink wrapped and boxed with or without attached Union Nuts
  • Non-insulated pipe in coils up to 50 metres can be purchased separately with boxes of insulation also sold separate for on site assembly