Isothermo brand

General Parameters
Material: High Quality Polyethylene
Layers: 3
Layer Thickness: 9mm
Foam Density: 30 – 33 kg/m3
Fire Retardant: YES
Water absorption: <0.001 g/cm3 Thermal Conductivity: 0.032 W/(m*K) Permanent Deformation: 2.60% Thermal Contraction: 1.00% UV Protection: YES

Aeroflex brand

Aeroflex Closed Cell Elastomeric Thermal Insulation material (EPDM) is a well established manufacture in this field. Aeroflex Closed Cell Tube and Sheet Insulation is flexible, closed cell and lightweight elastomeric material designed for insulating liquid cooling and heating lines. The closed Cell structure of Aeroflex provides many advantages over most rigid insulations for cooling and heating lines, such as:

  • Moisture & Vapor resistance without using additional vapor barriers
  • Stable thermal conductivity (K value) during service, due to
    its dense surface skins and closed cell characteristics
  • Flexibility which makes installation work easy and neat
  • Outstanding Ultraviolet and weather resistance

Aeroflex is an ideal insulation for frost control on cold water plumbing systems. It prevents heat gain and condensation problems on chilled water and refrigerant pipe lines and it also prevents heat loss from hot water plumbing systems, liquid and duel temperature piping.

Aeroflex is our number one choice for our Solar Speedflex plumbing system, because the ID diameter of the sizes we have selected allows all 3 sizes of our Corrugated stainless steel flexible pipe to be easily passed down the centre when an onsite installation is preferred.

To protect the Aeroflex insulation during installation, we have selected a high grade, environmentally friendly PE tape to be coated in two halves across the pre-insulated pipe using our own designed warm air pressure semi automated process for the perfect finish.

Aeroflex is a Ozone Friendly Product, processed CFC free.

The Temperature range of Aeroflex is from -57 C (-70F) and to insulate against heat loss 125C (257F).

Flame and Smoke Proof, Aeroflex tube and sheet insulation have been specially compounded to meet the ASTM standards No D635, UL-94V, JIS standard No K6911 and other standards. The products have low smoke density while burning and unlike other thermoplastic materials, Aeroflex will not melt or drip flaming balls; therefore, it will not cause flame transfer.