Our high quality range of stainless steel flexible corrugated and helical pipes have been sourced from well established manufactures in Asia that meets the standards demanded by the world wide solar water heating industry.

From the manufacture the coils of pipes are transported to our factory/warehouse in Shanghai, where every coil of pipe is checked prior to passing through an insulation tube already PE and UV protected in single or twin lines as required.

The NEW Solar Speedflex brand of pre-insulated plumbing lines was developed in China in 2011 by Mr Eric Hawkins after many years of on site UK assembly from imported China made components as the lower cost option at that time.

Through increased labor costs throughout much of the developed world, the use of pre-insulated flexible stainless steel pipe in coils was expanding from mainly Germany, Austria and Italy in order to speed up installations of solar water heating systems and to make sure the collector was installed with the correct size bore pipe and an insulation tube that lasted the life of the system.

Prior to the take up of this very flexible and corrosion free pipe on a roll that could handle temperatures of above 200c, inflexible, rigid copper pipe with unstable prices was the order of the day. Having started in the solar water heating industry back in 1993, I reconised then the time it was taken to bend copper pipe with a machine, up and down the ladder to the top of the roof, the number of joints that needed to be brazed and once all connected the worry that one of 20 + joints did not leak, as that would mean spending more time to find the leak, drain down and repair. The next big problem was for the installer how to cover the clipped copper pipes to the wooden timbers in the to give 100% insulation, was impossible.

With Europe and the USA well supported by assembly/manufactures of pre-insulated stainless steel flexible pipe, as yet not a single solar water heating manufacture had considered offering such an important part of the SWH system design, which is why I decided it was time China also changed from their use of cheap plastic pex pipe and low quality insulation tubing for there millions of Thermo siphon system installations installed every year and the further hundreds of thousands exported all with no dedicated plumbing lines that would guarantee to the end buyer a leak and heat loss free system.


  • Time saving and cost effective
  • Choice of 304 or 316L pipe in Corrugated or Helical
  • Choice Aeroflex, EPDM or Isothermo brand Polyethylene insulation
  • Polyethylene (PE) protective cover in smooth or patterned
  • Very flexible bending compared to copper
  • Exclusive range of brass unions & fittings for all types of solar water heating systems
  • Guaranteed water tight sealing
  • Choice of flange tools
  • Delivery times guaranteed within 12 days upon receipt of deposit
  • OEM welcome