Original Established Manufacture (OEM) Design service

The one person providing this service is Eric Hawkins, who in 1997 imported into Cyprus the all glass evacuated tube (Sydney Tube, as it was known) to be used in the first design of a thermo siphon split system (no pump/controller). These were first exported to Malta after months of testing in the Cyprus sunshine.
In 1999, Eric became the UK agent for SUNDA ( A JV between Sunpo in Beijing and Daimler Benz Aerospace GmbH, after testing a heat pipe/metal to glass tube collector also in Cyprus. In 2003, Eric formed a partnership with Mick Humphries (CEO of Apricus today) after he contacted Eric in the UK, which later on resulted in the brand Apricus being born and now sold across 30 countries.

In 2006, Eric partnered with a all glass tube manufacture in Tai’an Sth East of Beijing to design and develop his own brand of heat pipe collector. In 2007 and 2008, 2 x 20ft containers were exported to his partner in the USA and 1 x 20ft to his distribution company in the UK. The banking crises and following recession because of no established exports into countries not affected by the recession, it was decided to moth ball the joint venture business until such a time when it became viable to re start what had cost some $100,000 to establish along with the SRCC and Solar Keymark certifications. Before anybody can start to design and develop anything, that person has first to understand all the material parts considered to be used in the assembly which can in affect last 20 + years, which is what is expected in Europe and the USA. The Chinese (excluding Apricus and a hand full of others out of the 1,000 + manufactures there are today in China, design a collector to a cost, not to a high standard where only the best quality materials are sourced and specified 100% of the time.

Through my long experience covering heating, plumbing, bathroom design and property refurbishment added to that 18 years involved in mainly solar thermal potential, its only now I am able to provide the following service to a overseas company that seeks to own a brand of collector that comes with no potential failures or faults in the design.

  • Deciding how many parts of a collector can be produced in your own country and import the minimum of parts from the mass producers here in China, like the evacuated tubes.
  • Looking to purchase all the key mass produced parts to your own design using my past experience and assembly the body of the system in your country, with the tube packed to suite in boxes of ten. Placed on pallets, so nothing needs to be done from the tube point of view.
  • Use my services here in China, where I offer you a choice of manufactures I can work along side and look to re design any part of the collector with as little or no cost, to suite the countries needs. Most of the quality issues is down to the sourcing of the metal materials.
  • Lastly, you give me your own design and specification and I will contact such a manufacture who can produce the collector or system who like I used was a manufacture of one of the key parts of a solar water heating collector or thermo siphon system.

In Conclusion

In most cases any change of small parts does not affect the certification . Some manufactures are also happy for a €3,000 cost to re apply for a solar key mark certificate to be provided in the name of the foreign buyer, as OEM brand in order that the buyer can market the collector within a system package or alone under his/her company own name.

Feel free to contact me direct to see if we are able to help each other achieve a higher standard of end user satisfaction.