Solar Thermal Heating Components

The range of heating components related to solar thermal hot water is wide and varied in both material quality and the manufacturing process. The following is the range of solar thermal components this section covers:

  • Solar Controllers
  • Circulating pumps
  • Pump valves
  • Brass fittings of all types and specifications
  • Coils of soft copper pipe as an alternative to flexible stainless steel
  • Annular and Helical flexible stainless steel tubes from DN10 to DN 50
  • Metal to Metal brass fittings to match the above type pipe
  • Expansion vessels for both potable and central heating systems
  • Temperature and Pressure Release (TPR) valves
  • Tempering valves (hot and cold water temperature control valves)
  • Pressure release valves
  • Plate heat exchangers
  • Coiled helical heat exchangers from DN10 to DN 50 with TIG weld stainless fittings attached
  • Insulation in both tube and sheet form, with choice of NBR, Polyethylene and EDPM
  • Pex x Pex pipe, manifolds and fittings for under floor heating
  • Polypropylene Thermal Store tanks up to 450 litres
  • Butt TIG welded stainless steel unvented tanks offered as bare tanks or with insulation and outer casing
  • Aluminum cast radiators
  • Convector heating radiators ideal with a combination of solar thermal and heat pumps

Those seeking to buy single solar thermal components like evacuated tubes, heat pipes and manifolds to assemble in their own country, please contact Eric Hawkins as the expert in this field.