haveing returned to the UK in early September 2013 after almost 6 months spent between China and the USA, I am excited to at last see on the daily TV news and in news papers of the pending power cuts from 2015 due to the closure of old power stations and the slower building of new ones, including Nuclear.
The UK I use as a test base for everything, even though the USA has a much more positive market for solar water heating than the UK.
At this time, I am bringing together a group of like minded people, some known to me over 30 years ago and all of them involved in renewable energy sales.

The overall plan, now that Solar Speedflex China has sales into the USA through Falcon Stainless in LA, continued and growing exports of stainless steel heat exchangers into Sth Africa to SIRAC Heat Pump suppliers, its now the time for me to re start exports of a wide range of energy saving products and SWH systems to be offered at 50% less than is offered today.

The almost total fall in solar water heating system sales can be put down to the Interference by this government in the solar power market in 2009/10, when they offered through the Utilities a £0.43p per kWh payment tax free for 25 years and index linked.
This created a short boom and in the past 2 .5 years has also killed off most of the more efficent energy saving technologies.
For me and my wife, I invested in everything that would keep my home running costs down, from rain water harvesting, direct solar water heating to indirect and a thermal store, + solar PV on my back shed roof to the front of the house with a micro turbine.
Now we have changed all light buklbs to LED and switched from a electric kettle to a gas hob one, leaving just the old gas boiler of 12 years to be changed to a condensing type as the heat pump in the loft space is only used as a back up in summer to the solar thermal systems.
Over these past 12 years, no service costs have been required except for two pipe gaskot changes,
We have no need of freeze protection as our home system is open loop and none pressure.
The people of this country and the USA, need to wake up and look beyond short term Government incentives as in the end we will pay through something, as nothing is free today.