On the morning of the 25th of September the CEO of Fujika Group International Company sent me an e ticket to travel to Amman, Jordon, that was leaving Shanghai Pudong airport at 0.1am on the 26th of September, with a return flight on the 26th of October.
The CEO, Mr Mohamed Khamis, had been communicating with me for some months after experiencing technical problems with installations of solar water heating systems imported from China.
He later visited Shanghai, inviting me to the manufactures offices to discuss the issues and for me to find a way to resolve the ongoing faults, which I did.
He later traveled down with me to Shanghai and the next day to visit our pre-insulating pipe processing factory that is Number One in China for insulating copper, flexible stainless steel, Pex al Pex and plactic pipes with a high quality range of EPDM and PE insulation tubing with also has a PE/UV outer coating protection from the sun, birds and rough handling by installers.

With the first, of I hope many container exports into Jordon of our solar speedflex plumbing pipe solar systems and assesories also added into the product range I have also excepted an offer by Mr Khamis to mentor his son Maher Khamis as the project manager of a new solar water heating service I will be developing for the company over the next 3 weeks, as now 5 days into my 30 days stay.

Throughou the past few days researching the Jordon market in what is imported and at what cost products are sold here, as well as going onto roof tops (which are all flat) and seeing so many failed and outdated solar water heating systems, from flat plates and thousands of Chinese made thermo siphon, none pressure systems, the opportunities I see here are substantial.
The most common faults I found looking at installations was like China, the hot and cold water pipes are Pex al pex as designed for underfloor heating and sanitary ware installations.
The insulation tube was the biggest failure, as is often the case in many countries, when left to the installer to purchase such a product, the cost wins the day.
In the hot sun of Jordon, the cheap NBR type insulation material is destroyed within 1-2 years, leaving the hot water pipe exposed and losing heat.
The pipe ID is also sized wrong, as nobody is taking into account that most houses have cold water storage tanks on the roof also, higher than the solar collectors in order to create a head of pressure.

In the next few days, I will be training and overseeing the re plumbing of a Fujika solar water heating system, after we first drain down the whole system, disconnect all the mix of fittings that after 4 years are badly corroded due to the mix of metals like Galvanized steel pipes, fittings, pex al pex pipe, brass and plastic fittings, all of which affect the end performance and life of the systems.
I also found many parts of the Chinese feed tanks and ends of the tanks rusting away, with end lids fallen on the ground as the suns heat shrinks the Polyurethane insulation which is used to hold the end lids in place as no other way to fix them.
Fujika Solar Jordon contracting, will become the first company in Jordon to offer a re-plumbing service to the hundreds of thousands of owners of solar water heating systems which have had nobody from the initial supplier and installer re visiting them to check how the system is working.
I will be training a new team, who will follow my solar speedflex solar plumbing installation design I first developed in the UK in 1998, now its manufactured in China and exported with the solar water heating system. This stops the installers in the countries of import, going into the market to seek out the lowest cost materials, which is a cost for ever to the home owner who has no choice but to trust the person who is doing the job. This will give confidence to the home and business owner that he will do it well with the best materials for a long term hot water heating gain.

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