Light up Africa is my new charity foundation, starting in Ghana, with the ONOSO PROJECT (
I travel to Ghana on the 27th July 2014 and will stay in Accra for 4 days before traveling on to Lagos, Nigeria. After 4 days of business in Lagos with my Nigerian partners, I fly to Cameroon to meet the lady mayor of the Capital with her husband
All 3 countries along with Kenya, I have partnered with people, do not have guaranteed electricity supplies.
On my return to Ghana on the 16th August, I will spend 10 days in the Village of AGONA to valuate there needs for lighting and power for the Bamboo Bike work shop.
using my 25 years in solar system designs, manufacture, installations and sales, I plan to start by providing solar LED lighting in the schools to start with, followed by street lighting.

I am seeking sponsors and donations in exchange for my experience and knowledge gained over 50 years of working for myself
Please contact me at

I will be posting pictures on this and my thermaltricity web site when that is up and running

Thank You