Haveing established the assembly of my speedflex solar thermal plumbing pipe kits for the 4th and last time through an investor/partner in Hangzhou, China, I then asked my new partner to invest in my self assembly solar thermal absorber, that converts a PV panel into PVT.
This is now completed with the first 4 panels being shipped to Davos in Switzerland for testing, but first to be installed to melt the snow, before the real job of genarating electricty can begin, as well as heating the water as the panel gets hot from the sun.
I am also busy in developing sales in LED lighting, now both the cost and quality has reached the levels, that are attractive to buyers, with 5 watt globe bulbs from $1.00, LED direct replacement tubes from $7.00 and replacement HP sodium bulbs for LED Corn bulbs from $28.00 saving countries 70% in energy costs just in lighting

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