In the past month since arriving back in China on June the 19th 2012, with all the solar thermal and plumbing system kits now completed and being marketed through B2B web sites, I have returned to the re pricing and development of solar grid tied and off grid solar system kits

With prices of solar PV panels as low as they can go, as I see it, as Suntech and LDK solar seek a huge government bail out or go bust, this is now the time to forget about waiting for government tax breaks and subsidies to return as that is not what the government in power to do. They stimulate the market and pull out leaving market forces to pre vail
The UK is a typical example, first they destroy the solar thermal and heat pump business by providing a £0.43p FIT payment with a 25 year tax free indexy linked while the banks paid out 1/2%.
Once the big players with the money entered the market and the rent a roof mob saw the ££££$$$$$ profit returns, the Government did a U turn and another U turn till what you have to day is a £0.13p FIT payment and set to be reduced further this year, thus destroying most of the renewable industry.
With over 300,000 home now solar PV connected to the GRID, what nobody told them was when the power cuts arrive, they also have no lights, heating and hot water.
Its with this knowledge that I have now developed off grid solutions using the latest in battery storage technology now being installed in millions of electric cars, NEW all electric buses in China as well as here in China e bikes and e scooters and Taxi Trikes.
If battery storage is good enough for cars, buses, e bikes and scooters, why do we have a probem with this for our homes and business?
Its now possible if you want to live outside the grid for 90% of your life style needs as more and more manufactures produce DC 12-24 volt appliances
These cover freezer, upright fridge freezer and variations in sizes, also LED lighing, TV, and micro waves, cooling and all the re charging of your mobile phone and lap top batteries you need.
This leaves the washing machines AC power needs, which can be handled through a 2 kW inverter wired to the battery storage system, as only needed for maybe 1-2 hrs every few days.
Hot water is provided from proven solar technologies with heating from a wood burner and LPG gas boiler, also for cooking.
With energy bills rising world wide, it would not be long before the investment was recovered.