Its been a long time since I logged into my web site, so lots of updating to cover.

On the last day of 2012, myself, William Butler (American) and Rena Wang (sales) established Thermaltricity International Co Ltd
Thermaltricity will be marketing and exporting its range of solar water heating collectors and systems separately from the solar speedflex range of plumbing systems.

I then returned to the UK on January the 6th after Xmas with the family, here in Pudong Shanghai for a much needed rest, but also wet and cold as the UK weather is, but also depressing as no sunshine.

In March, I decided enough is enough and booked a flight to California to catch up with what was happening with Norm Ehrlich, my friend and partner in the solar business for over 6 years.
Thinking I would have some sunshine and warmer weather in Eureka, I was wrong, as I arrived to meet Norm in the rain, overcast and cold.

Norman over 25 years had designed and developed a range of made to measure solar water heating tanks from materials not associated with standard hot water tanks.
It was in my 4 weeks in Jordan, that I began to think about converting there cold square box water tanks into insulated solar water tanks, to reduce the shipping costs of air, as 80% of the container is air.
Over the 4 weeks I spent in the store and work shop, we agreed to re model the old business, clear away years of rubbish from his contracting business and focus on turning his assembled tanks into flat pack tank kits of up to 40,000 liters.

Once again through my many visits to the Canton Fair and other exhibitions across China over the years, I new of a insulation board product that could be used to replace a very expensive lower quality American made board, but needed to also source the outer aluminum décor to match.

After a few weeks back in the UK, further money paid to me by Norman, I booked a flight back to Shanghai to catch up with some of my manufacturing partners, one of which was the Insulation board manufacture in Hangzhou.
I am now 2 weeks into being back in hot and sticky Shanghai, with lots of decisions to make for this year given the continue recession in Europe, but with the USA slowly coming out of recession.
I have a new thermo siphon thermal store now being produced for Greece, after a sample was made for Jordan buyer to test, with a few glass heat pipe split systems.

We are in talks with a well established distributer for our Speedflex plumbing pipe systems in the USA, with current sample orders being prepared as we speak for Jordan, Greece , Lebanon and Canada.
Through months of contact with like minded companies in the USA and a European manufacture of PVT panels, soon to start production in Florida, its looking that I will be back on a plane to the USA very soon for face to face meetings with 2 CEO,s and supporting Norm in Eureka for a week or two until the first of two containers are shipped from China to Oakland’s, USA.

Investment capital is still hard to get, even though we placed our information on a HK Business angel network to attract private investors.

We however have invested in a half page advert for our new Flat Pack Tank concept that allows a solar water heating company to build his own tanks to the size his clients’ wants.
We are also soon to be approved for Alibaba Gold Membership, to allow us to get our product information into the main stream of inquiries.

2013 will be the companies turning point after 3 years of product development.
Our goal in 2013 and beyond is to offer our cliants system solutions and complete system kits, not products.

For solar water heating systems to work over the long term, installers of such systems need to start to be educated in how to best keep the system performing over the longer term, not as is the situation in Jordon, thousands of solar water heating systems no longer working after a few months

For what ever reason, I am unable to receive e-mails through my address which is through Outlook Express through my host provider in the UK
Also eric and sales at
For now any body unable to reach me through my regulare address, should use my new Gmail address

On the morning of the 25th of September the CEO of Fujika Group International Company sent me an e ticket to travel to Amman, Jordon, that was leaving Shanghai Pudong airport at 0.1am on the 26th of September, with a return flight on the 26th of October.
The CEO, Mr Mohamed Khamis, had been communicating with me for some months after experiencing technical problems with installations of solar water heating systems imported from China.
He later visited Shanghai, inviting me to the manufactures offices to discuss the issues and for me to find a way to resolve the ongoing faults, which I did.
He later traveled down with me to Shanghai and the next day to visit our pre-insulating pipe processing factory that is Number One in China for insulating copper, flexible stainless steel, Pex al Pex and plactic pipes with a high quality range of EPDM and PE insulation tubing with also has a PE/UV outer coating protection from the sun, birds and rough handling by installers.

With the first, of I hope many container exports into Jordon of our solar speedflex plumbing pipe solar systems and assesories also added into the product range I have also excepted an offer by Mr Khamis to mentor his son Maher Khamis as the project manager of a new solar water heating service I will be developing for the company over the next 3 weeks, as now 5 days into my 30 days stay.

Throughou the past few days researching the Jordon market in what is imported and at what cost products are sold here, as well as going onto roof tops (which are all flat) and seeing so many failed and outdated solar water heating systems, from flat plates and thousands of Chinese made thermo siphon, none pressure systems, the opportunities I see here are substantial.
The most common faults I found looking at installations was like China, the hot and cold water pipes are Pex al pex as designed for underfloor heating and sanitary ware installations.
The insulation tube was the biggest failure, as is often the case in many countries, when left to the installer to purchase such a product, the cost wins the day.
In the hot sun of Jordon, the cheap NBR type insulation material is destroyed within 1-2 years, leaving the hot water pipe exposed and losing heat.
The pipe ID is also sized wrong, as nobody is taking into account that most houses have cold water storage tanks on the roof also, higher than the solar collectors in order to create a head of pressure.

In the next few days, I will be training and overseeing the re plumbing of a Fujika solar water heating system, after we first drain down the whole system, disconnect all the mix of fittings that after 4 years are badly corroded due to the mix of metals like Galvanized steel pipes, fittings, pex al pex pipe, brass and plastic fittings, all of which affect the end performance and life of the systems.
I also found many parts of the Chinese feed tanks and ends of the tanks rusting away, with end lids fallen on the ground as the suns heat shrinks the Polyurethane insulation which is used to hold the end lids in place as no other way to fix them.
Fujika Solar Jordon contracting, will become the first company in Jordon to offer a re-plumbing service to the hundreds of thousands of owners of solar water heating systems which have had nobody from the initial supplier and installer re visiting them to check how the system is working.
I will be training a new team, who will follow my solar speedflex solar plumbing installation design I first developed in the UK in 1998, now its manufactured in China and exported with the solar water heating system. This stops the installers in the countries of import, going into the market to seek out the lowest cost materials, which is a cost for ever to the home owner who has no choice but to trust the person who is doing the job. This will give confidence to the home and business owner that he will do it well with the best materials for a long term hot water heating gain.

In the past month since arriving back in China on June the 19th 2012, with all the solar thermal and plumbing system kits now completed and being marketed through B2B web sites, I have returned to the re pricing and development of solar grid tied and off grid solar system kits

With prices of solar PV panels as low as they can go, as I see it, as Suntech and LDK solar seek a huge government bail out or go bust, this is now the time to forget about waiting for government tax breaks and subsidies to return as that is not what the government in power to do. They stimulate the market and pull out leaving market forces to pre vail
The UK is a typical example, first they destroy the solar thermal and heat pump business by providing a £0.43p FIT payment with a 25 year tax free indexy linked while the banks paid out 1/2%.
Once the big players with the money entered the market and the rent a roof mob saw the ££££$$$$$ profit returns, the Government did a U turn and another U turn till what you have to day is a £0.13p FIT payment and set to be reduced further this year, thus destroying most of the renewable industry.
With over 300,000 home now solar PV connected to the GRID, what nobody told them was when the power cuts arrive, they also have no lights, heating and hot water.
Its with this knowledge that I have now developed off grid solutions using the latest in battery storage technology now being installed in millions of electric cars, NEW all electric buses in China as well as here in China e bikes and e scooters and Taxi Trikes.
If battery storage is good enough for cars, buses, e bikes and scooters, why do we have a probem with this for our homes and business?
Its now possible if you want to live outside the grid for 90% of your life style needs as more and more manufactures produce DC 12-24 volt appliances
These cover freezer, upright fridge freezer and variations in sizes, also LED lighing, TV, and micro waves, cooling and all the re charging of your mobile phone and lap top batteries you need.
This leaves the washing machines AC power needs, which can be handled through a 2 kW inverter wired to the battery storage system, as only needed for maybe 1-2 hrs every few days.
Hot water is provided from proven solar technologies with heating from a wood burner and LPG gas boiler, also for cooking.
With energy bills rising world wide, it would not be long before the investment was recovered.

My five weeks in the UK are now coming to an end with some good solid business completed that will begin to improve our sales out of Shanghai by July the 1st.
My first meeting is on the afternoon of the 19th with a potential buyer of solar lighting products.
On the 20th take train to Ningbo to meet with a brass manufacture and by the evening we will welcome our partners from Sth Africa.
On the 21st we all travel to Shanghai by High Speed train for a visit to our factory that produces solar speedflex.
On the 25th I travel to Malaysia to meet with a construction company

From the 12th of June to the 16th of June 2012, I will be preparing and meeting potential buyers for our solar speedflex and solar related products.
Intersolar is a show case for all things solar thermal and solar PV with some wind and energy efficent technologies.
Our Booth Number is B2-450J where you will find Ronnie and Bruce of PHSplus who will be showing for the first time outside China TranSolar Glycol, Solar Speedflex and Besttank expansion tanks. And for solar PV, Mr Liu will be at our Booth is A2-130D, where our new solar roof slate design will be shown along with LED lamps.

DixieSolar ICS BrochureThe front page of PHAM News was the message to all the small business and SME companies by Energy and Climate change secretary Edward Davey.
In its efforts to advance low carbon solutions in the UK, the Government has launched a £35 million fund aimed at eco-entrepreneurs. The idea behind the scheme is to help small businesses bring their green technology to market by assuring funding and expert guidance.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has announced details of a £35 million Energy Entrepreneur Fund that is designed to support Innovative small businesses that come up with new low carbon solutions. Over the next three years, hopeful as will be able to apply for up to £1 million worth of funding and can use that money to attract private sector investors as well. Details of the application process will be available by summer.
Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davy made the announcement last month. He said “part of the way that were going to tackle climate change and get clean energy is through innovation, particularly with SMEs. we’re allocating a fund which will help innovators and entrepreneurs develop and demonstrate low carbon technologies.
The scheme will also provide support from experts on bringing new products to market. A panel of investors will advise DECC, which operates the scheme on which companies and ideas to back.
Explaining the direction the scheme will take, Ed Davey said “the first wave is going to be energy efficiency in buildings, things like advanced lighting, heat pumps, ventilation technologies and so on.
This is a practical way that we can make sure we get to the low carbon economy”


DECC will also shortly launch a £3 million competition to assess the performance of advanced heat storage technologies suitable for integration with domestic heating systems. The aim of this scheme which is part of DECC’s Buildings Innovation Program, is to assess the viability and benefits of novel compact heat storage materials which can be installed in homes to even out peak electricity demand from low carbon heat technologies such as heat pumps.
A website has been set up to help providers and applicants for low carbon funding to link up more easily. The tool is available on the low carbon funding landscape Navigator website and enables users to search for latest funding opportunities in the low carbon area and get help in finding the right partners to work with. Both public and private funders can add and manage their own funding opportunities.
The Navigator is described as a resource for the entire low carbon energy community, increasing transparency and knowledge sharing throughout the sector. It is expected to be particularly valuable to smaller technology companies who struggle to keep up to speed with Myriad of support mechanisms in the UK. By placing this information at the users’ fingertips the navigator will reduce time wasted and opportunities missed.

Dear Mr Davey I was for many years since the last recession in 1990 and innovator of energy and water saving technologies along with insulation products that would in those days of a property crash have reduced energy and water use in homes and business premises.
You will never in a million years see a mass take up of any technologies that would reduce a home energy and water use while the power of the developers and builders control the what they want to use in the build in of homes.
I am personally very angry and discussed with this statement given that your government allowed the FEED in Tariff (FIT) paying out a £0.43p per kW of electricity generated from solar PV installations tax free for 25 years, indexed linked with the use of the free electricity providing those with savings to secure a return of 8% when the bank rate was 1/2%?
What was even more disgusting and put the final nail in my Powertech Solar business based in Dorset after 18 years of solar system design ( solar water heating), ten years building the UK business to £1 million a year, with a direct employment of 8 people and hundreds indirectly all to be closed down and all assets sold off by the administrator for £5,000 to a trader to cover the insolvency companies fee.
Using my many skills in 35 years of business start ups, i had another business which exported solar energy related products from China since 1999. How ever your government having been lobbied for years by the solar PV industry dumped all support for everything to do with hot water and heating.
This Mr Davey is why in 2010, I took the decision to use the last of any money I had left from the sale of what I had left in stock from Jayhawk to invest in a JV in China.
Fifteen months on, my Hong Kong registered company is now marketing all the innovations that use the energy of the sun to reduce this planets burning up of fossil fuels by 50% with appliances like thermal stores displacing unvented Megaflow type hot water only tanks, replacing all light bulbs including street lights with LED.
We allow billions of tons of rain water to drain away into rivers to the sea, when every new home could have for 20 years be installed with a rain water system as I installed into my Dorset home in 1999 along with a off grid PV system to power the pumps.
If any of the innovations I have developed are selected, one thing is sure, none of them will be manufactured in the UK as my faith and trust in Big Corporate gas boiler, water tank and heat pump manufactures/suppliers would kill off everything which provided the home/business owner with tax free energy and water that would bypass the Utility.
My message to the people of this country is to stay away from all government incentives as all they do is create a boom and bust business environment as has happened with Solar PV and destroyed any innovation that was already being established before solar thermal was left to its own resources, while those with the money, jumped into PV to get a high return, while still going about their same styles with no changes to any appliances like changing all light bulbs to LED.
I for one will never trust this or a future UK government again as I take my chances in a country where nobody gets any incentive support in buying a solar water heating system, CHINA.

After 2 weeks back in the UK, I am looking forward to getting back on my flight to Shanghai
As much as the UK is in recession, there are still signs of interest in renewables.
Today a company in Devon contacted me after 3 years wanting information of our products, as they are still expanding sales.

On the 1st of May, my BA flight leaves Pudong Shanghai airport for London and then a coach ride to my home in Wimborne, Dorset for a much needed rest after the fast pace in life and business that China is known for.
I will be contacting existing and new companies across the UK and Ireland involved in both solar thermal and solar PV as well as looking for a distributer for speedflex to re establish a business back in the UK before I return to China around the 1st of July
Anybody reading this, interested to know what products I am seeking to establish in the UK market, pleaswe contact me at