Eric Hawkins

2010- To date Managing Director of Solarspeedflex Co Ltd In late 2010, I returned to China after the banking crises, recession and changes to the renewables energy policy of the UK government to 100% support of Solar PV, gave no options but for Powertech Solar Ltd to cease trading in the UK in order to focus on the import/export business of Jayhawk International Ltd. As of the 1st of October 2012, Jayhawk will also cease trading as the deepening recession in Europe no longer warrants any further investment and costs to keep the company registered. Our future now lies in the new business “Solarspeedflex Co Ltd” registered in Hong Kong to revive our past fortunes by using China as our office and base to promote past and new products into the world markets. 1999- 2010 Managing Director Jayhawk International Ltd I set this business up having gained a lot of experience in Cyprus as an import/export company of products relating to bathroom equipment moving towards later on into solar water heating technologies. Experience gained in this field started back in 1993 when I left the UK to start a new life and business in Cyprus. Today we represent our own new brand of solar collectors made in China (Suntech Solar) the Apricus brand and many related products associated with solar water heating and solar PV. Our export markets are Sth African Europe and the USA as well as the UK. 2003 -2006 Co designer and a Joint Venture and Strategic Partner (Focus Technology China) My web site was found by an Australian in China who contacted me to help him develop the first none Chinese designed collector for export only. I was responsible for UK and Europe sales followed on by USA and Canada sales. Having achieved the setting up of 4 distributers in the USA, the JV partner was made the CEO (Apricus) having secured $1 million to take the brand global, excluding me. I still retain the rights to market and sell Apricus in the UK only. 1999- to 2009 Technical Director Powertech Solar Ltd (UK.) Powertech Solar was founded by Eric Hawkins in 1998 having secured a sales agency from Daimler Benz Aerospace GmbH for their Sunda range of evacuated solar collectors. The company expanded into the selling and supplying environmental solar energy and water conservation equipment. A company whose direction was to promote, educate and make aware to people, that we have technology available which will enable the average family to reduce or stabilise energy costs. This relates to energy, power and water use by acquiring part of that energy, power and water from sustainable renewable energy resources which are FREE to us all. 1996- to 1999 Partner FZE Powertech Green Energy Ltd. Larnaca, Cyprus. This was the manufacturing company for Powertech Solar Ltd UK. Powertech acted as importers and distributors for Cyprus, Middle East, Malta and all non-European countries on behalf of Powertech Solar Ltd UK. 1993-1997 General Manager Licoma Ltd. Paphos, Cyprus I founded the name Licoma Ltd, a business specialising in solar energy, water conservation, related products and services. The Company ceased trading in 1996 when the Cypriot government refused to renew work permit saying that a Cypriot must take over the job. 1991- 1993 Sales Manager for Quality Services Ltd Quality Services Ltd was founded by my wife and I, having sold our luxury bathroom business which reached sales of £ ¾ million by 1991 after a ten year period. From that business we took with us many innovated products I had developed and designed over that period and added into those, water/energy conservation and solar energy technologies. The Company ceased trading due to a decision to move to Cyprus after shipping a 40ft container to open a new JV there in order to understand more about solar energy and make a new life for us in the sun. 1978-1991 Proprietor AI Trading Group, Bournemouth. As a self employed person I started this new venture with a bag of mainly plumbing tools a SH van and the renting of a small corner shop, where a mixture of second hand sanitary ware goods were bought and sold. Over the years the business expanded into a plumbing and heating sales and installations followed by a bathroom retail showroom, followed by the decision to begin importing a new radiator from a Belgium manufacture to expand sales across the UK. This progressed into becoming one of the South’s leading luxury Retail/Trade bathroom and kitchen showrooms named Bathrooms of Bournemouth with a turn-over of £¾M. I designed and installed into this 5,000qsft double story corner building 56 fully tiled bathroom and shower room displays. I trained the staff, employed a manager leaving myself free to develop sales with house builders and wealthy clients etc 1976 -1978 La March’e My first self employed job. Opened a number of green grocery shops in the Bournemouth area to the point where I had made enough money to purchase my first house. This house was the start of me moving into the small building business followed by plumbing and heating and the rest is history 1975 -1976. Head Chef Grovefield Hotel Bournemouth. 1972-1974 Director of fresh food Distribution Company. 1970-1972 Head Chef Maxims Restaurant Norwich 1968-1970 Head Chef in Gibraltar and partner in a restaurant in Marbella Spain 1966- 1968 Commi Chef. Lausanne & Verbier Switzerland, gaining certificate of Excellence as Chef de Garmange. 1964-1966 Chef Tournant Castle Hotel Norwich. 1962-1964 Commi Chef. Purdy's Restaurant Norwich. Education & Qualifications 1990 City & Guild Certificate in Unvented Domestic Hot Water Storage Systems. 1968 Swiss Certificate of Excellence as Chef de Garmange 1966 City & Guild 150 Catering Certificate. 5 year apprenticeship 1952-1962 Infant school then secondary education at Norwich school for boys. Skills • Designing and developing solar thermal collectors in China following up with the tooling to manufacturing. • Being the owner of any business, you develop skills in marketing the product and delivery sales. These skills have been extended into Europe, China and the USA. • Educating and training skilled and none skilled people in all the areas of solar water heating installations and related technologies like solar PV and Micro Wind power. • Many years preparing for exhibitions, setting up of the stand and delivering the technical information to those visiting the stand towards securing sales. My first exhibition in this field was in 1988 at Interbuild. Over the years I have covered our own sales exhibitions in Sth Africa, Vegas, San Francisco, Colorado, Washington, Cyprus and Beijing China. • Very good at delivering power point presentations direct or through a translator from China to USA • Have prepared and delivered presentations to students at Universities in UK and USA. • Very good team player, able to work alongside people from all ethnic minorities whatever their colour or religion. • Extensive experience living and working in other countries developing imports and exports. • Good initiative, keen to identify new products and opportunities. • Personable and presentable, able to fit in comfortably within any professional environment. • Fully Computer literate, programmes include Word, Windows 95, Pm6, Paintbrush, Photo-shop, PP, and XL Internet Explorer. • Adaptable to change, flexible and highly self motivated, able to work long and unsociable hours and willing to work away from home if situation necessitates. • Ability to work under extreme pressure anywhere in the world. • Full Clean Driving Licence. • Strong degree of empathy. Quick to absorb information and implement change. • Love working in areas of new innovation where in depth knowledge of the product is needed to engage with potential buyers Leisure interests Being a qualified chef I enjoy cooking for pleasure especially dinner parties. Sports : Skiing, sailing, swimming and gardening Adding to that, a committed environmentalist throughout my daily life, Family: Married, no Children and free to travel on business anywhere in the world. Some additional Information for a company seeking such a widely experienced person I have become. Over the years from the day I took a risk to invest in a leasehold shop (34 years ago) on the outskirts of Bournemouth to become a sola trader and a sales person of fruit and vegetables using a limited amount of past experience in this field in my home town of Norwich, I have gained a wide area of design to manufacturing skills which still required marketing and sales experience to achieve all I have achieved. My reason for now seeking a highly paid position with such a company in this field who is seeking global sales of their product/services is having lost my UK Powertech Solar business to the recession and bank after 10 years of very hard work, growing the sales as I did with 6 staff to £3/4 million is now for me to benefit a much stronger and larger company by offering my sales and marketing expertise to that company. My Sales Achievements to date: 1980- 1990: Achieved sales of £3/4 million at the height the Bathrooms and Bournemouth era. 1991-1993: Achieved sales of £100,000 in first year of founding Quality Services Ltd 1993-1998: Achieved sales in Cyprus over the 5 year period, coupled with 50% time spent in research and development of £380,000 including exports to Malta and the UK. 1999- 2002: Achieved commission sales as a UK agent for Daimler Benz Aerospace GmbH selling a brand new brand Sunda (Evacuated tube collector made in China) to a sales/installation UK company named Spectrum Energy Ltd. In the first full year, Powertech as the newly formed UK business earned £100,000 in commission in the first full year of Spectrum Energy sales. I supported Spectrum sales to £2.5 million by 2002 through marketing, exhibitions and increasing awareness to home owners outside of Spectrum Energy. 2003 – 2006: Formed a joint venture with an Australian man in China under the name Focus Technology. A $20,000 investment through Jayhawk International Ltd (first registered in Cyprus, followed by the UK) was made into Focus technology to pay towards some of the tooling costs related to the design I put forward to the Australian. 2004 -2006: led to Eric being offered a strategic partnership to open up the USA and Canadian market, having established the market for the new Focus Technology (Apricus) brand in the UK, with exports into Spain, Portugal, France and later Sth Africa. Exports through Jayhawk grew to £560,000 with £125,000 as net profits before tax. 2007-2009: Formed a second Joint Venture with a evacuated tube manufacture in Tai’an, China to develop my own exclusive collector brand (Suntech Solar) after my 2 year marketing and sales investment into the USA was terminated by the now much bigger Apricus Co. An investment of $200,000 was made in this new JV, which todate has amounted to 3 x 20ft containers exported to the USA and UK. April 2009 saw the end of Powertech as the UK resale business due to many expansion plans that relied on larger national known companies meeting their agreed commitments which the recession and banks added further problems that forced us into going down the administration road. Our planned expansion of exports out of China to Europe, USA and Australia started to falter as the recession affected each country worldwide. With Powertech now owned by a private buyer with no knowledge or experience in this field, Eric and Jane Hawkins started to re build the Jayhawk business as an agent earning commission until such time new investors could be found to inject new capital into the manufacturing side in China. Sales to date, since the demise of Powertech April 2009: Sold a 20ft container of Apricus collectors to the Stove Shop in Cornwall (£30,000 value) February 2010: Sold a 20ft container of Apricus collectors to a new company in Scotland £32,000 value) November 2010, returned to China to establish a new business in the area of pre-insulated flexible plumbing pipe as part of a new solar water heating plumbing system package to be exported to those importing only the Chinese collectors and systems, that never include the parts that make it work End



My NEW exclusive own brand thermaltricity range of Portable Solar Charging Station kits Plus NEW own brand value for money LED bulbs in a limited range.

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Hot water and Lighting Solutions


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from LED light bulbs to portable solar charging station kits

Long time, not able to up date my Blog, but after 2 years we are back in the solar water heating business.
All information and details to follow, or contact me at

Haveing established the assembly of my speedflex solar thermal plumbing pipe kits for the 4th and last time through an investor/partner in Hangzhou, China, I then asked my new partner to invest in my self assembly solar thermal absorber, that converts a PV panel into PVT.
This is now completed with the first 4 panels being shipped to Davos in Switzerland for testing, but first to be installed to melt the snow, before the real job of genarating electricty can begin, as well as heating the water as the panel gets hot from the sun.
I am also busy in developing sales in LED lighting, now both the cost and quality has reached the levels, that are attractive to buyers, with 5 watt globe bulbs from $1.00, LED direct replacement tubes from $7.00 and replacement HP sodium bulbs for LED Corn bulbs from $28.00 saving countries 70% in energy costs just in lighting

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Light up Africa is my new charity foundation, starting in Ghana, with the ONOSO PROJECT (
I travel to Ghana on the 27th July 2014 and will stay in Accra for 4 days before traveling on to Lagos, Nigeria. After 4 days of business in Lagos with my Nigerian partners, I fly to Cameroon to meet the lady mayor of the Capital with her husband
All 3 countries along with Kenya, I have partnered with people, do not have guaranteed electricity supplies.
On my return to Ghana on the 16th August, I will spend 10 days in the Village of AGONA to valuate there needs for lighting and power for the Bamboo Bike work shop.
using my 25 years in solar system designs, manufacture, installations and sales, I plan to start by providing solar LED lighting in the schools to start with, followed by street lighting.

I am seeking sponsors and donations in exchange for my experience and knowledge gained over 50 years of working for myself
Please contact me at

I will be posting pictures on this and my thermaltricity web site when that is up and running

Thank You

Education young Ghana children

To encourage home and business owners to look first towards investing in what is very simple and low cost in China, is a very complicated and over engineered high cost in the UK and USA.

As a solar water heating systems designer of 25 years, those not wanting BIG brand named products, which is why we have today a 4 person home system costing £4.500 installed (supplied by the STA)
It seems that unless there is a return on investment within a short time, useing the suns tax free energy is not an incentive to invest £4,500, which I also agree.
When I started to promote and sell my own SWH system kits, it was to use where possible the existing hot water tank, unless the tank needed to be replaced as was old and leaked heat through the insulation.
My simple Thermix valve, that was inserted into the top of the cylinder allowed the solar heated water into the bottom of the tank and hot water out of the top, with no worries like today of stagnation, freezeing and servicing all the pressurized parts of the unvented / closed loop system

Our planned new lower cost prices, based on me able to find an importer to import 80% of the parts from Israel and China will bring back my under £1,000 system kit cost.
The Hot Water Tank should never be included in ROI, as the boiler isnt, the rest of the appliances in the house are not, so why has the hot water tank.
The introduction or the Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme (RHI) in April 2014 opens up new oppotunties to offer the home owner a choice:

1. Except the current system of going through a green deal assesment to check your level of insulation is up to latest standard, before you can apply for a SWH system under RHI
2. Through the payment of £4,500 installed, you are paid back £2,345.00 over 7 years, tax free
3. This reduces your £4,500 investment to £2,155.00 with an estimated £990.00 of service costs over the life of the system.
The 2nd choice is our system sold and installed outside any of the governments interference and red tape, costing £2,000 installed including the choice of 2 flat plate panels, or evacuated tube heat pipe, with a choice of a solar powered DC or AC pump, all the parts to connect this kit into an excisting cylinder.
The SWH system kit through our selected group buyers/seller with years of experiance in this business is £1,000, with £800.00 for the installer team and 5% vat on completion

Can anybody reading this, tell me why anybody should take up the RHI through the green deal, when all they want is part of the hot water heating TAX FREE from the sun??

Thankyou for your time

haveing returned to the UK in early September 2013 after almost 6 months spent between China and the USA, I am excited to at last see on the daily TV news and in news papers of the pending power cuts from 2015 due to the closure of old power stations and the slower building of new ones, including Nuclear.
The UK I use as a test base for everything, even though the USA has a much more positive market for solar water heating than the UK.
At this time, I am bringing together a group of like minded people, some known to me over 30 years ago and all of them involved in renewable energy sales.

The overall plan, now that Solar Speedflex China has sales into the USA through Falcon Stainless in LA, continued and growing exports of stainless steel heat exchangers into Sth Africa to SIRAC Heat Pump suppliers, its now the time for me to re start exports of a wide range of energy saving products and SWH systems to be offered at 50% less than is offered today.

The almost total fall in solar water heating system sales can be put down to the Interference by this government in the solar power market in 2009/10, when they offered through the Utilities a £0.43p per kWh payment tax free for 25 years and index linked.
This created a short boom and in the past 2 .5 years has also killed off most of the more efficent energy saving technologies.
For me and my wife, I invested in everything that would keep my home running costs down, from rain water harvesting, direct solar water heating to indirect and a thermal store, + solar PV on my back shed roof to the front of the house with a micro turbine.
Now we have changed all light buklbs to LED and switched from a electric kettle to a gas hob one, leaving just the old gas boiler of 12 years to be changed to a condensing type as the heat pump in the loft space is only used as a back up in summer to the solar thermal systems.
Over these past 12 years, no service costs have been required except for two pipe gaskot changes,
We have no need of freeze protection as our home system is open loop and none pressure.
The people of this country and the USA, need to wake up and look beyond short term Government incentives as in the end we will pay through something, as nothing is free today.

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