Ethical Minded Investors

I am seeking ethical minded investors who have an interest in the future of this planet we call Earth. Its been my passion for the past 18 years to be part of a growing number of environmental pioneers, worldwide to bring about change as hard as it has been and still as hard today, to change as many peoples ways of living that allow our remaining declining resources to see us through to the next low carbon industrial revolution, a planet where fossil fuels as we know them will have been depleted.

I am not contacting corporate investors or investors looking to add to there current wealth, by not doing anything to speed up the greater use of renewables along with cutting energy waste and water. My target audience is to attract private individual investors that can see a greater potential than a return on an investment, by making a small investment in knowledge/experienced people like me, people who can see beyond past and present current life styles to those who desire our western lifestyles like the new growing wealthy Chinese.

What ever your opinions are of the Chinese outside the politics and government, I have come to have a great deal of respect for the low and middle paid workers who seek a luxury foreign brand of car made in China, while the property developer is still pushing to the sky tower blocks with no wall insulation to reduce heat loss and cooling of buildings.

In short what this means to us all in the developed western world where we have plundered the worlds resources for the past 100 years, China wanting what is left, is projecting 25-30 million cars being sold each year by 2020 along with a plan to build 40 new Eco Cities of hundreds of thousands of tower blocks to provide a higher quality of life for many Chinese people. The increasing oil and gas needs of China will be exhausted much faster as India, Africa, Russia and Sth America also start to expand their economies over the next 10-15 years. The Chinese government aware of growing oil imports to service gasoline driven cars, is now providing billions to move China off Gasoline to electric vehicles with major cities like Shanghai as the first trials for millions of new E cars being rolled out this year.

I am just a small cog in a very big wheel and have less than 5-10 years of my working life left, which to date I can say has been a very busy one, always worked since leaving school at 15 and through my work, traveled and lived in many countries further advancing my experience of life, also an enjoyable one.

Like any investor, you want a return depending on the risk and reward, which is why I am seeking only £50,000 ($75,000) or 500,000 RMB (local currency) from a number of investors.

Please feel free to contact me, ask me any questions, chat on Skype or by phone even from here in China where I am now based.
Even if you agree to invest £1,000, I will not just take your money unless you can offer something in exchange that would support our sales expansion plans out of China into the global market place.

I don’t have a cash flow forecast, and I don’t have a profit and loss spread sheet, because I am not an accountant and because I am not seeking millions and to make millions, then lose it, I look to keep everything simple and transparent to those wanting a none complicated investment with some fun.

While I wait for such investors to contact me, the business plan continues to develop here in Shanghai, China where I am currently adding to my plans, that make a profit, in an ethical way as well as educate young Chinese people. Of most importance is to continue to improve the performance and energy efficiency of both exported solar thermal collectors assembled by the Chinese who export to the world market and for them to add the products I have designed and developed and now manufacture here in Shanghai, China.

I have moved the business out of the UK for 2 reasons:

  • I needed to be where the products are manufactured that I have designed and developed until I have somebody I can 100% trust to oversea and my supervise the day to day operations, leaving me to return to the promotion of solar thermal collectors for space heating and cooling.
  • China, as much as it is speeding ahead with the consumption of the worlds remaining depleting resources, will become the biggest user of renewables and exporter in the world, while the bankrupt governments of the western world, tinker around at the sides, so as to protect the powers of the gas/oil and Utility companies to maximise tax revenue.

Don’t believe everything you read in newspapers and see on TV news stations that is churned out by your government, as I see from where I have spent 12 years doing business from here in China, this world of ours is heading for a energy, resources, job and food crises, from the news stories I read.

We now have a choice in our lives, continue as we are, thinking everything will be rosy again like the cost of energy will come down, for food to be cheap again and the value of our homes will rise by 10% a year, so we can spend more money on luxuries while the rest of the world goes without. China will have its own crises soon, as it chases the same western lifestyles which have failed our countries, that of Greed, Cheap Credit and believing property will make them all rich, even if the well stocked supermarkets here in China did not have food on the shelves or any water to drink.

Please email me and I will send you a PDF on what the investment is to be used for and it’s potential returns.

Thank you for your time.

Eric R Hawkins