The Consultancy services offered by Eric Hawkins relates to the area of business that cover the renewables sector including Electric Powered Bikes.

The expertise now available to companies seeking to purchase renewable energy or energy saving technolgies from China.
If you have never been to China before, do not know the business culture and have no concept of the quality of materials purchased by the manufactures, you WILL loose your money, or the persons buying from you, will lose the long term benifits of renawable energy technlogies.
In the solar water heating industry I am expert in, very few of the 4,000 assembly SWH collector manufactures will offer you the oppotunity to make changes to there fixed designs, developed for China

  • Solar collector design
  • Solar System design
  • Material outsourcing
  • Solar PV and Thermal collector outsourcing in China
  • All Renewble Technologies can be supplied from China by Thermaltricity International
  • All parts relating to the plumbing of solar collectors to solar water tanks
  • Solar PVT system design and supply of all the key parts
  • Technical support and installer training in the counry of imports
  • LED lighting, LED grow lamps and all related use of LED off grid or saving energy
  • Arrange visits to selected manufactures we trust in all areas of renewables
  • I an very Interested in exporting E Bikes and Solar PV to re-charge the lithium Ion Battery
  • Experianced in exports to many parts of the world to meet their needs
  • We are the licence holders of the Trendsetter flat pack solar tank kits
  • The range of Trendsetter Thermal stores can be assembled in the country of imported parts
  • Fouteen years of doing business in China, can save you a lot of money, if you are prepared to pay a small commision to do the important job of supplying always a high standard of products

What is a consultant?

Eric close up speakingA consultant is an expert in a given field with a proven track record that demonstrates that he/she knows what he/she is talking about and being able to translate that knowledge and experience across to other professionals in a different field of expertise, in a simplified way in order they can make a decision on whether that business is an area a company wants to engage in, be involved in and at what cost.

The difficulty as I have experienced in this consultancy business is costing out the value you have to offer a company, who does not have the time or a person to invest in for a year to find out what would take a weeks or a month paying somebody who already has that expertise.

Once that company has acquired the expertise, thinks they have acquired enough of that expertise is when the real knowledge that Consultant has hidden away, is where the true value lies for that Consultant.

The above is how I view how a consultant works and how he/she is paid, which is why what I am offering goes far beyond the transfer of knowledge and experience, which has a price tag attached

What I am offering to small or corporate clients:

  • Thirty Five years experiance in the starting 11 new business ventures including 2 in Cyprus and 5 in China
  • From initial design to sample test to final shipment
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Production Management
  • Quality control
  • Outsourcing
  • Customs and shipping
  • Education and Training
  • Material component costing
  • Exhibition support


The consultancy fee I will negotiate with a client is not the reason I am offering this service, as I am looking for an ongoing business partnership where the first develop product is in the market earning a profit for the client, while I am working on the next product. At the same time, having a educated western professional working out of China, is a big Plus to an importer of another country, once you have experienced the Chinese working culture as I have over the past ten years.

Feel free to contact me for any ideas, proposals you have to me to consider at no initial cost.

Eric Hawkins (Business Owner and Entrepreneur)