Eric Hawkins

Eric Hawkins

The business background of Eric spans 35 years and includes 12 years building a UK plumbing and heating related business followed by the opening of a luxury bathroom and kitchen studio. Within that ten years, Eric ventured into the property refurbishment market in the south of England.

In 1991 with the sale of the bathroom business sold off in the depth of a recession, the selling off of all the properties, Eric started looking for a new business venture to invest in.
Quality Services Ltd was registered the same year and focused on all things related to energy and water saving and sustainability.

At the heart of this business was his Thermal Store Multi Fuel Hot water heating cylinder Eric developed in his bathroom business.. In 1993, Eric after a holiday in Cyprus exported a 40ft container to Cyprus containing a wide range of plumbing, heating and bathroom products including a new solar batch water heater with evacuated tubes from Japan to be tested. By this time Eric had designed his own solar water heating collector with Pex al Pex pipe from Israel.

After five years managing his own business in Cyprus after selling off everything in the UK, the growing interest in solar water heating grew. Much of his time was spent repairing existing SWH system for ex pats who had no idea why a SWH system would not work in the sun.

Eric then returned to the UK after being offer a job by a British direct sell person after setting up a joint manufacturing venture with two Cypriots to produce a new twin coiled solar copper tank and his re designed Thermal Store with evacuated tubes imported from China for his collectors by this time.

Since Eric’s first visit to China in 1998 as the appointed UK representative to SUNDA (a manufacture in Beijing of evacuated tube solar water heating collectors), Eric continued over the following years visiting such places as the Canton Fair and solar water heating manufactures and visits always to Intersolar Germany to keep up with the many changes happening in the industry.

In 2003/4 a meeting in Guangzhou with a young Australian man, working and living in Nanjing, led to the forming of a partnership, with the experience and knowledge of Eric as the solar collector designer and the Australian, named Mick as the IT expert working in Made in China.Com offices. Eric created sales first in the UK, then into parts of Europe from the UK, then ventured into the USA and Sth Africa.

The now well known brand of Apricus is now exported to 30 countries worldwide with Eric no longer involved.
In 2006/7 a 2nd partnership was started in Beijing with an evacuated tube manufacture in Tai’an to develop an own brand of solar heat pipe collector as well as creating a business in the consolidation of many solar related products into one container to reduce costs to buyers. The brand name developed was Suntech Solar, which was exported into the UK and USA, at the start of the banking crises in 2007/2008. In late 2009, production was stopped until such time demand returned.

After taking the painful decision to close down the UK distribution side of the renewables business which had reached sales of £1.5 million including the exports, Eric moved his office to his solar powered home and began the restructure of his next business venture in Renewables.

In late 2010, Eric was invited to meet the owner of a solar water heating manufacture in Haining, south of Shanghai, to discuss the design and assembly of what is called a solar hose (the pre-insulation of a stainless steel corrugated flexible pipe with a Protective coating on the outside in coils up to 30 meter) This was seen as a not to important part of Chinese exports of SWH systems, but was something Eric started to develop in Beijing and exported to Rinnai, Australia.

An partnering agreement was signed between Eric and Mr Fang (owner) before Eric returned to UK, then returned back to Haining, having secured the employment of a Chinese translator to work in the factory in Haining with day to day direction from Eric.

Sadly, as is common in China, once a Chinese company has gained all he/she needs from you, you are no longer of any value, except in bringing them orders and being paid a small commission of 1-2%
We are towards the end of 2013 with a lot of experience and knowledge gained from the past 3 years, and 3 failed attempts to find a ethical and trust worthy Chinese partner, as you have to have if you are to do long term business in China.

At the end of 2012, a 2nd company was registered also in Hong Kong and a 3rd partnership registered in California in the name of Thermaltricity International Co Ltd and LLC for USA.
We have secured and signed a partnership agreement with a Chinese factory owner in Hangzhou, named Mr Lai, after securing an exclusive distribution agreement with the CEO of Falcon Stainless in the USA for our solar speedflex re developed solar hose.

In 2014, a 2nd partnership will be signed with the two CEO of ZNSHINE SOLAR who with the experience and knowledge of Eric and the Hangzhou factory owner, will develop a NEW PVT solar collector as a fight back to thousands of solar water heating sales, lost to the PV industry who gained financial support from governments in order to show their support for solar energy.

Eric now in the UK until November 2013, looking to bring together past friends and business contacts to establish a NEW pioneering group of like minded owner companies to fight the growing sales of Solar PV only, while Energy costs for hot water and heating continue to increase year on year, as global demand from such countries as China expands with no current concerns of supply.

After 3 years of investment, working mainly in China over this time and dedicated small work force,we are in place to export our NEW lower cost solar water heating system kits for under £2,000 installed.
In order to develop anything new to compete with existing technology, you have to know from past design experiance what needs to be changed and understanding what has gone wrong with SWH sales?

Its simple really, the BIG manufactures of tanks, flat plate collectors and the continued addition of more Hydronioc closed loop pressure system parts and the MCS certifications, is why we have a £4,500 system cost for 4 person house (STA) , installed with a 7 year Tax free payment from the Utility for 7 years through the RHI to encourage take up. With our NEW low cost, high quality Freeze free and service free system, you don’t need this.